Thursday, November 29, 2012

Team's first day of work in Haiti

Today was a great first day for the team. They started their day with a clinic tour, where all of the staff introduced themselves and their work.  Those who've been here before were very glad to reunite with old friends, while the people who are here for their first time were able to meet everyone.
Everyone worked hard and was very productive. The team unloaded all the suitcases they brought, inventoried the medical supplies and medicine and put everything away. The team members working on preparations for the Christmas party sorted all the clothes, toys, and shoes by age and gender and put together gift bags for every child in the program. Every child will also recieve a barbie and a soccer ball, so the team blew up hundreds of soccer balls after making all the gift bags. The team members doing construction did lots of digging, as they are starting the foundation of the next house in Blanchard. The nurse and nurse's aid worked hard in the clinic today, helping out in the triage, emergency room, wound care, and seeing patients.

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