Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our day off in Haiti

Today some of the group attended church , while others inventoried and clean the pharmacy.

We went out for lunch, which was a welcome change from the peanut butter and jelly standard PID lunch.

We had planned a trip to the National
Museum but changed the planned because of student protests close to the museum. Instead we shopped
for new plates, cups, silverware and containers . The taptap we were on had starter problems so three times we had to push it to jump start it. Can't wait til we have our bus back.

On return we finished inventorying the pharmacy and medical supplies. I made vegetarian chili and fruit salad.
After dinner everyone finished their jobs and went to bed to get rested for there last day at the clinic. I have some paperwork to do and then I am off to sleep . Tomorrow we are expecting a family of 8 with fevers first thing in the morning.

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