Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Day

The team worked in two different villages today.Susan and Michele
Stayed in Concepcion in the clinic and saw pregnant women for individual consultation. Then lead a 2 hour training group for 12 expectant moms. The rest of the team road with 20 of our leaders to Desierto in a pick up truck
To work on our first children's
Program there. Abby and Shelby
Went over the program and taught the crafts to the team and the leaders.
Shelby's parents went to dinner at Millie's ,with whom Shelby lives .
We made 103 gift bags to give out
And need to make 120 more.
Finally people started drifting off to go to sleep. Abby and I left for home to review. Cindy was still working on her Bingo cards for her English class.
Very nice first day and great team.

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