Monday, September 17, 2012

Here and there

Today Alison, Guetchine and I had a good meeting about the organizing of the medical program. Solene, a young woman,who we provided surgery on earlier this year came in to
Thank us for all the help. She looked great. A new emergency child came into the clinic and is already sponsored. I spent the afternoon looking for shelves
And a vaccine refrigerator, While Alison worked in the clinic. John left to buy materials for all the damaged tents.

We have chosen the next three families to receive house at Canaan.

At night we made Eggplant parmesan and salad, as we worked through Alison's slides for a PID presentation.

Alison and I then tried to move the bunkbed out of the new clinic rotation nurse room and put the single bed in. We promptly got the bunkbed hopelessly stuck in the doorway. We finally had to ask for help
From Mr. Felee. We are happy to report that the room is finished.

At the village medical class, Abby and Lizzy found our how hard it is to take blood pressures, that you can't take pulses without a watch , and they might Be able to practice inserting stomach tubes on a manakin ( which they were so happy to hear) . When I went to the class we had to practice on our partners.

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