Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Both construction and medical teams continue to work hard today in Haiti. After clinic, Dr. Andy did an education for PID staff about HIV and AIDS. The education was very informative, and the staff was very curious and learned a lot, with a lively discussion and question-answer session.
After, Chris and Henry officially presented the solar power system to PID staff who recieved them with lots of applause and thank-yous. Mr. Genois reminded them that the money we will be able to save on generator gas and repairs will be able to go towards PID's programs that help so many people.
This evening, Madame Pavelus came to the team meeting to share her version of Haiti's history. The team was very interested in her perspective and posed lots of questions. She shared the difference that PID has made in her life, and told them what an honor it is to her to be a part of the PID family, and thanked all of the team for giving their time and service to help PID.

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