Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Team Sunday in Guatemala

I ( Gale) apologize for pictures. Not only is my Spanish bad but I never take pictures:(

Today some of the team
Went to Church and then we took a trip through the fruit section of the mayan market. We picked up the rest of the team, who slept late and traveled to tikalik abaj.

This is a transitional
Mayan ruin that is continually being excavated with new pieces being added. It also has Olmec pieces from before the Mayan period existed. The plants are extremely beautiful. It is a very peaceful place.

Seven of our team members left but four new ones joined us this afternoon.
Tonight the team received their jobs
For tomorrow . We will work on water filters with a goal of 14 small, 2 large.
Installed! This will be headed up by Chandler.
Dr. Rick will head up the school teams
So Rachael can stay in the lab to finish up her last week.
Bonnie and Karen will begin our
New interview for clients tomorrow
( more about this later).
Dr. Kate will be at the clinic with the pre med students and Jess one of the new Nurse that arrived.
Epi will begin trekking to all the filter peoples houses to do a follow up visit
To make sure they
Understand all.
Everyone is off to bed early because they have a lot of work ahead of them this week.

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