Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Special connections in Haiti

We debriefed on the roof tonight, a final debrief for most team members: all but Jimmy, Holly and myself (Sandra) will be heading off tomorrow. Earlier this evening, Lauren received an unexpected visit from her sponsored child, Michelda, and her parents. Lauren, who was here doing children's programs at PID, met Michelda while during a children's program here last summer, became her sponsor through PID Child Spronsorship program, and has since raised all of the funds to build a PID house for Michelda's family. Tonight, after some time visiting together, we walked over to the location where Michelda's new home will be. The house is about half complete, and mom, dad and child stood in the open frame of the doorway, surrounded by their soon-to-be neighbors. The next time that Lauren comes to Haiti she will hopefully be visiting little Michelda and her family in their new home!

PA Sarah also had an experience this morning that is too meaningful for words. She had the opportunity to visit the orphanage from which her adopted daughter came 6 years ago. Tonight Sarah told us that Haiti has given her the greatest gift anyone can receive, her daughter. She says that in coming back to Haiti she making an effort to connect with the land, the culture and the people from which that priceless gift originated.

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