Thursday, July 5, 2012

Prenatal day and an afternoon tour of Port-au-Prince

Thursdays are prenatal day in the PID clinic. Dr Sem as well as the visiting practitioners saw many, many pregnant women, as well as other patients. The students worked in triage and the construction team continued the sifting and mixing work they have been doing. Lizzy left today for a visit to the US, we will see her back in Haiti before the end of the month.  Right after work, everybody piled into the tap-tap for a driving tour of Port-au-Prince, led by Marcy. While the team was gone a new team member arrived at PID: a Physician's Assistant who has worked with PID in Haiti before, so she is happy to start her first day of work tomorrow. We had our debrief meeting on the roof to take advantage of the breeze, and hear evenone's reflections from the day.


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