Monday, July 30, 2012

Good of Day of VBS and Goodbye to Sandra

Today the VBS team started the program with local Blanchard kids, as well as those from Cite Soleil. They held English classes, sang, and played soccer around the compound. All the kids were so excited to be involved and they all received a hot meal. Today the team celebrated Sandra's work in Haiti for the last year with a dinner attended by the team and employees. There was a unique dynamic of integration because the Haitians, Americans, and interns all joined together in a dinner routine usually reserved for guests only. All of Sandra's efforts and irreplaceable work throughout Haiti will be missed by everyone. Her work is also a testament to the innate and welcoming spirit so vivid and visible in Haitian culture. Seeing the love everyone shared over just one individual inspired many of the team members to realize the potential of this nation. So, we say goodbye to a great intern, and mirror image of what PID looks for in a volunteer, and continue along with VBS. It is definitely an emotional evening in Haiti.

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