Thursday, July 19, 2012

Art Classes Out Back

We have been getting a lot of new applicants for the child sponsorship program. There are now more than 50 kids in Guatemala waiting to be sponsored. The hardest part is when a mother comes into the clinic and asks if her child has been sponsored yet. Some have been waiting for over a year. It's hard to have to tell them no, and explain that it's not in any particular order that kids get sponsored. Some get frustrated that families who just signed up get a sponsor a few weeks later where as others are waiting months and even years. 

If you are interested in sponsorship, check out the PID website:

In Guatemala the following kids have been waiting for more than one year for sponsors:
1002 Brendi Julissa
1033 Francisca Elizabeth
178 Jilmar Elias
2A Eber Micael Soc
851 Milsa Yohaaris

Julie and Rachael continue gathering samples from the school in Desierto. This afternoon I walked into the English room where Julie and Rachael spend their time working and saw that some of the kids from the village found their way in and are currently coloring on the floor.

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