Monday, June 25, 2012

Reflections from Monday in Haiti

  We just finished up tonight's debrief meeting, which ended with a visit from Mr. Genois. The speech that he gives to the groups is always moving to hear: he speaks to PID's impact in the community, inviting each team member to let their participation in PID's work extend to their lives in the US: through prayer, through child sponsorship and telling others at home about our work here. He thanked them from the bottom of their hearts for their work here, and told them that they are not really leaving Haiti: they are staying here through the work they've done.

  That work was continued today, after the weekend's break. For the construction crew it was more block-making here on PID grounds and layering concrete over the foundation over in the house in Blanchard. The nurse continued to see plenty more patients today, as usually all the locals who get sick over the weekend come in for appointments on Mondays. The kid's program ladies (along with some McMurry helpers) held up a good attitude in an inconvenient situation. They had to run their program today, (including excersizes, art projects and snack) for 24 children in a orphanage for handicapped children in a tiny, cramped, hot room. The orphanage's usual location where PID runs children's programs was unavailable, so they had to do the best with what they had. They were positive and flexible, an attitude that goes a long way in a world where things rarely go as planned.

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