Saturday, June 30, 2012

The happiest and saddest day

This morning the leaders and some of the team members got ready to deliver the afghan. We also made a card a got some fruit. The kids declared that they
Had saved food for her at home. They came back with bags macaroni and bags of dried beans. Packed and finally ready to go we made our way to the river and then to
A wooden house. On a rock in front
Of house sat 87 year old Maria. I asked how she was and she stated to cry. She had so much pain. The kids tried to clear her up. They read the card, gave the afghan and the food. She cried even more. It was so sad.

The kids brought the food into the house and came out and offered to clean the house. I was so happy to
See the kindness in the leaders.

Later the team went back with medicine for her.

They set up 5 filters this week. They are working on an emergency house for a family who lives on a porch .

Tonight we joined the English class. The kids in the class asked questions from the team visa versa. They wrote a piece about what Gale does in a
Day. Apparently, I work a lot, take care of many kids, eat sandwiches, help kids in school. The last one- which I didn't expect, was I feed cats:-).

It was a great day.

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