Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yesterday a team of 6 from UConn joined the UMass Amherst team here in Haiti. We are happy to welcome them here. They will be helping out with construction.
This morning some of the team walked over to Gertrude's orphanage to do some crafts with the kids there, while the rest of the construction team began digging the foundation for my house. I was so excited, I joined in the fun, shovelling and pickaxing out the beginning of the foundation.
This afternoon, the group went out for a trip downtown, to the museum, and out to eat at Epidor. Marceline, who works in triage in our clinic, is the new group leader on the weekends. She was very helpful, had a great time taking the group out, and the group loved going out with her. She is very excited about her new job.

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