Thursday, May 10, 2012

Iowa team's first day of work

The Iowa team got off to a great start. This morning they met all PID's staff they will be working with, both in the clinic, at the construction site, and on the clinic grounds. The construction volunteers were working on various projects around the clinic. They are working on building up the wall surrounding the clinic, making blocks, and expanding the once cholera tent, now meeting area/diabetic and hypertension education center. The group worked very well together, they worked extremely hard, and got so much work done. I am excited about how much will get done this week with this large, hardworking team. The volunteers in the clinic also worked hard and learned a lot as well, as working at the clinic here in Haiti is very different from working at home in the US. Mr. Genois came and hared his wise words at this evening's debrief meeting. He explained to the curious group about PID's programs, especially our sponsorship program and how it works to bring children and their families out of bad situations.

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  1. I am glad to hear everyone arrived safely and that everything is going so well! My thoughts from Iowa are with the group every second of the day. Keep up all of the hard work. -Conrad