Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Greetings from my last night in Haiti! We spent a very busy day organizing and sorting out supplies in the guesthouse and the medical clinic upon Gale's arrival last night. Things become more and more functional  all around. Neeli, Dr Sem and i saw the normal clinic caseload today and Beth arrived to start  the staff trainings and management classes this evening. We are all excited and looking forward to continuing to tighten up the flow and organization of the clinic, as well as encouraging all the Haitian staff to take more ownership and pride in thei individual jobs. Porter climbed up on the supply depot roof, which has been leaking alot in the rain, chipped off all the old cement and repaired the roof. It will be great to be able to keep all those supplies from getting wet and moldy in the rain. Gale is especially excited becausee not only has the depot roof been leaking, but rain seeps into her room as well. We wish Porter could stay another week to fix all the leaks that show up during the rainy season.
It has been a wonderful and exciting 2 weeks here for me, graduating over 30 midwives from the training class, getting to work with the UFGH team, and as always seeing the progression and growth of PID at large. Looking forward to my next visit. As always, with love and blessings -Alison

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