Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Greetings from Haiti! it has been an especially exciting past couple days here for me, as we now have my brother Porter, his first time in Haiti. He and the Haitian team have started the construction project to prepare the clinic for the installation of the new solar panels to be put on the clinic roof in May. He worked from 8am to 4 hauling cement blocks, mixing and carrying buckets of cement and according to him, doing more physical labor than he has in a long time.

The clinic had lots of practitioners here today- Neeli, Kelly, and the UFGH team. They all  got through the patient load shortly after lunch. i heard there was general clinic cleanup for the rest of the day. Marceline was flying solo this morning on the ultrasound macine and is beaming with pride at her new accomplishment. The children's program continued here at PID today with balloons, excercises, and a flurry of fun and activity.

We continued our second week of Midwifery classes, now at Canaan. We signed up 13 people for this week's class, and like last week, everyone showed up for the second day. Our first day we taught in the back of an 18-wheeler truck which serves as their church. Even though it has a few small windows, it was quite hot by midday when the sun was high, so we changed places to a large outdoor tent with open sides. Today we learned about normal delivery, and did the role plays that the Haitians find so much fun, one person being the pregnant mother in labor, and another being the midwife. Already they have learned a lot and are incredibly thankful for the information.

Love from Haiti- Alison

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