Friday, April 20, 2012

The end of the week here in Haiti brings a lot of satisfaction. We finished off the week with a celebration and send off for the UFGH team. There were certificates for the graduates of the ultrasound training, the pharmacy database training, and Benite, who is now an assistant trainer for the midwifery class. We ate cakes and sweets, showed general appreciation for all the work done while their team was here, and said goodbye. The final number for patients seen in mobile clinics over the past 2 weeks was 754!
We also graduated another 13 students from midwifery training at Canaan. I feel confident that they now know what to do in a number of emergency situations, and are better prepared to complete safe and clean homebirths. They relayed to us that this is the first educational experience anyone has brought to their community. The pastor told us that they were worried always about how many births happen in their very large tent camp, and how much safer and well prepared they now feel.  I feel like i get as much out of the training as they do, full of joy and satisfaction.
Porter and the construction team have gone part of the way down the back wall and made great progress in only 2 days. Sarah worked with the UFGH team on their last kid's program and is preparing to start basic computer and English classes for some kids in the neighborhood tomorrow.
We are looking forward to a busy and fun weekend. -Alison

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