Thursday, March 22, 2012

    Today two new people arrived at PID: Peter and Alicia are leaders for the construction team that is scheduled to arrive here on Sunday. They've come early to get settled in and already they obviously love interacting with the people they have met so far. Today members of the medical team held a mobil clinic in Damien, where they saw many sick children and adults, as did the staff that stayed at PID. The construction team for today continued to work on the foundation at the site in Blanchard. Tonight, everyone sang happy birthday to Brittany, a UMass student who turned 22 today. Her teammates celebrated her with a card and a Haitian decorative tin bowl as a gift. The group is currently having Part 2 of their creole lessons with Samuel 1 in the eating area, as they stay dry under Brad's new roof while outside it's pouring down rain.

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  1. I want to thank Lizzy for her daily posts. I'm up early every morning to see what Holly and her teammates have done the day before! Take care and God bless!!!!