Saturday, March 31, 2012

This week the Colorado team continued to work construction on the house in Blanchard. Everyday they came back muddy from head to toe, since the nightly rains fill the foundation where they are working with water. This group of people really likes to laugh, however, and so they have a really light-hearted attitude about all the messy, hard work. They are a really effective construction team, and each person is especially attuned to what their hard work results in: a home for a family who really needs it. They especially became close with one local family that is going through some hard times. Last night, Madame Pavilus came to share her story of Haiti's political history with the group. Members of the group conducted informal interviews throughout the week with people from the community and PID employees and volunteers. . It has been a full and colorful week for the team, they left this morning after one final goodbye speech from Mr. Genois. They were reluctant to leave, but their short yet meaningful time here will be remembered by us here at PID and by them.

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