Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yesterday’s mobile clinic was in Bigarade. It was PID's first mobile clinic there, and clearly the community was really enthusiastic for us to be there. Back at the PID clinic, the students worked very hard moving Benite's wound care center out of the small, dark, closet, into a bigger, brighter room in the clinic. They cleaned out Benite's old room so it can be used for ultrasounds, and organized all her supplies on the new shelves Brad made for her. Benite was so happy to have her new room- she really appreciates this group's hard work. The students also counted and bagged medicine. They were a huge help!
This morning we did one last round of mobile clinics, one at Duvivier, and one at the local orphanage. Both were busy and full, but the pastor in Duvivier and the man who runs the orphanage were very grateful. Immediately following the clinics, the team piled into the bus and went to the museum, the palace, and souvenir shopping, followed by a very special pizza party at the UN, celebrating Jeanne, UMD Nursing professor’s retirement. Her students presented her with a cake and a banner signed by everyone thanking her for all of her meaningful work.

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  1. Miss you all already! Great working with you all and wishing the team a safe trip home! Safe travels to you Lizzy and Gale this week! Blessings, Tamara