Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My first day back to Haiti

I was very impressed as the clinic was in full swing as I arrived from the airport. UMass Nursing professors worked with Haitian staff and nursing students in the clinic and in a mobile clinic.
It was exciting to hear both Benite and
Tamara talk about the sickle cell class.
Benite talked about how excited the students and parents were to learn about sickle cell and where it came from.
The happiness in the eyes of the PID directors was so inspiring as they talked about how different our clinic was because we were teaching patients about their illnesses and treatments.

The discharge nursing area continued
This week in an attempt to explain to patients with two or more medicine,
How to take the meds and what their illness was. This also gives feedback
On the whole system and where problems exist.
Construction continued on a house in Blanchard and is almost finished.

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