Monday, March 19, 2012

Martha and Brad left this morning, after both worked non-stop all morning.  Brad worked up until the very last second, making and installing a tarp/curtain to keep the rain out of our eating area. His work ethic and kindness are well-known by everybody here.  While he said goodbye to all the staff, its clear how much people remember and appreciate him, each time he comes.
Today four of the nursing students (plus Walter!) went to work construction in Blanchard, finishing the floor of one of the houses. Another group went with some of the nurses to do a mobile clinic in Bon Repos, and the rest of the students shadowed the remaining nurses and nurse practitioners here at the Blanchard clinic. After the work day two more team members, Matt and Erin, arrived. Both are nurses and graduates of the UMass Dartmouth nursing program.

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