Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busy Day!

Today was another busy day for the team from North Shore Community Baptist Church.

It was day two of the VBS program and everything went smoothly. Tomorrow they will be handing out bags of clothes, toys, shoes and soccer balls to the kids that are coming to VBS. Village ConcepciĆ³n will be flooded with 100+ soccer balls tomorrow afternoon - I can't wait to see that!

In the clinic Dr. Jen continues to see patients and got to meet with our Guatemalan doctor today to explain some treatment plans for what we are calling our "special cases".

The construction team continues working hard under tough conditions and surprises me every day with their willingness and perseverance. Gale and I visited this afternoon and took some photos. Mostly it was just kids who live around the work site and wanted their picture taken, but I did get a few of the nice ditch that they are digging for the foundation.

Also the team leader Gro wanted me to wish a Happy Anniversary to his wonderful wife Londie. =)


  1. Praying for you all, we love you Anthony, Mom, Dad, and Grandma.

  2. Wonderful! Thanks for the update. Please keep it up! I would LOVE to see more pics if possible! We love you! Lots of kisses to Jon, Jeslyn, Dr. Jen and Johnny!

  3. How is everyone doing??? We are trying to be anxious for nothing...! Update, PLEASE!!!! We love you all for doing this. We are praying hard for strength and more. xxx000