Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yesterday was the team's first day working at the clinic. The two RNs were working with the nursing students from St. Joe's seeing patients throughout the day. When the patients came out from the exam room after seeing the nurses they were able to pick out some clothing items that were donated to PID and brought down by this team.

A painting crew got two coats done on the inside of Carlitos' house. Carlitos is a little boy (4 yrs. old) who is severely asthmatic and the house where his family lives often gets damp and moldy - which is terrible for his health. So we bought special paint that blocks and keeps out moisture so that hopefully his house will be a safer environment for Carlitos.

Another construction team dug a small foundation for the patio that we are going to put out back behind the clinic. In the afternoon they started moving rocks to put into the foundation.

Today everyone will continue their projects from yesterday and tomorrow I'll have a new project for the painting crew.

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