Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday January 10th

Today was the first day of the VBS for 150 kids in the village (75 in the am and 75 in the pm). Of course there was some chaos - but that is bound to happen. Fortunately the chaos was kept to a minimum due to the amount of preparation and organization that the team had done beforehand. The kids had classes in games, crafts, Bible and English. In crafts today they made gimp bracelets. Here are some pictures from games:

The construction team finished the foundation on the emergency house and then came to the school to start leveling out the floor in some new classrooms in preparation for pouring a cement floor.


  1. West Church VBS holds the same amount of kids but needs a staff of 75 to make it work! Great job VBS Guatemala team! Praying for stamina and effectiveness for you all. Karen Moniz

  2. It looks like you ae all doing a wonderful job at showing God's love to the children.  Please know that we are all back home praying for you. Vi