Friday, January 20, 2012

Greetings from Haiti! As always, it is really great to be here. Things are finally smoothing out for...

Greetings from Haiti! As always, it is really great to be here. Things are finally smoothing out for the diabetic clinic and we hope to get it up and running again soon. The birth attendant training is going really well and the midwives are learning alot and we are all having a great time. Most of them have no formal training at all and have very little knowledge of anatomy and the physical changes inside a woman’s body, so it has been really fun to see all the eye-opening and a-ha moments. Patricia brought all kinds of baby dolls and cloth placentas and such, so we have had alot of laughs role playing at giving birth and being the birth attendant. Haitians are among the most fun-loving people ever.

My daughter Pearl left today after 10 days of working in the clinic with the other nursing students. I think theyhave learned alot, experienced many diferent health conditions and illness here and enjoyed the culture and life in Haiti. The yoga team welcomed 2 groups of kids from Canaan today for more yoga fun.

Lizzy is gaining confidence as a driver and its been fun to  be able to jump in the car and go wherever we need to go with Lizzy at the wheel!

Will write more soon. Love from Haiti- Alison

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