Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The team of 5 arrived this evening after spending a long time in traffic to arrive at the hotel. But everyone made it with all their bags. I just got back to my house after the team meeting.

Tomorrow we will start with construction, the lab exams and Norm will take a tour and check out all the water filters. I'll be busy keeping everyone else busy and also doing some last minute preparations for the Christmas party on Saturday.

Today I gave out a small business loan to a group of 10 women from the village. They have various small businesses - selling tortillas, chicken, clothes, etc. I have a good feeling about this group. They seem like they are very responsible and serious about paying back the loan and doing it on time. This way they can establish credit with PID and eventually apply for our housing program.

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  1. Please say hello to Norm for me and wishing you all well. Hope to meet you soon