Monday, December 12, 2011

The past two weeks we have had an awesome construction team here in Haiti. The team consisted...

The past two weeks we have had an awesome construction team here in Haiti. The team consisted of Peter, Jim and Bret, three businessmen with a ton of practical construction knowledge, as well as Anne and Judy who are PID trip veterans, plus Martha from the Ipswich office: altogether a fantastic group that loves to laugh, is committed to bettering the lives of Haitians, and is dedicated to building relationships with those they meet here. The team sanded and painted a house in Canaan, and also roofed and worked on a house in Blanchard, as well as polishing up the PID clinic with a fresh coat of paint, among other work.

The team also pulled off the annual PID Christmas Party for kids in the Sponsorship program, which was December 3rd and 4th. The party was tons of fun, and a lot of work. :) Bags filled with many great toys, clothes, toiletries, etc. were given to kids in the program as a special Christmas gift. There was also a station where the kids colored and wrote Christmas cards to send to their sponsors.

Most of the team left last Wednesday, and in listening to them speak about Haiti, its so clear how dedicated Peter, Jim and Bret are to this nation and to those they have worked with side by side. Anne and Judy, who also have so much dedication to Haiti and its people, have stayed a second week and will be leaving tomorrow. This past week the two ladies have continued working hard on the house in Blanchard. They have also made a point to meet and personally deliver Christmas presents to their sponsor children and their friends’ sponsor children. They have touched a lot of people, especially one of their sponsored kids, Junior: a nine year old boy with an affinity for soccer and for learning English. Tonight Junior, together with his mom, walked over to PID to give the ladies two papayas as a thank you for all they have done. A really sweet gesture, they love Anne and Judy so much, and with many hugs everyone said that are all looking forward to seeing each other again.


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