Sunday, December 4, 2011

Last Thursday was Child Sponsorship distribution day. All the kids came in to get their monthly groceries. Some of the leader's group even helped weigh out and package the groceries. This month I discovered a new place to buy the food and we saved a lot of money so I was able to buy more!

On Wednesday a small team of five people will arrive. They will be doing construction on Don Chico's (the security guard/gardener at the clinic) house - pouring a cement floor, painting and finishing the bathroom. We will also be having all the kids in the child sponsorship come in for lab exams - urine, fecal and blood. Then next Saturday is the annual Christmas Party for all the kids in the sponsorship program. Each child will receive a new pair of shoes, a new set of clothes and some candy. Santa will even be there giving out the gifts.

Gale was going to arrive on Monday, but as you can tell from previous posts she won't be able to get here tomorrow. I'm hoping and praying that her finger heals quickly and she is able to make it down.

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