Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yesterday Vanessa and I spent the day moving out of the clinic and into a house owned by Sergio's mom. The house is pretty big with lots of rooms and doors and light switches. It's about a 7 minute drive from the clinic. Only downside is that we only have water every other day, but we'll be bringing a water tank over today so that it'll fill up and we'll be able to use water whenever we please.

I enjoyed living in the village for the past four weeks, but I think living here in San Antonio will be good. I'll miss hanging out with the people and playing with the kids, but sometimes a little space and privacy is healthy.

Looking ahead Gale and Jack arrive on Wednesday night and a team arrives next Saturday. This will be my first team as the field director and I am all sorts of nervous and excited. So for now I'm busy getting everything organized and ready for the team.

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