Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This week is super busy as Tali and her kids are moving out of their house and into a friend's house for the next two weeks. Vanessa and I are also moving - into the clinic! We'll be living here until the house that Tali and Marcelin are building is at least liveable - I'm only asking for windows and doors, and maybe a bathroom and some sort of basic kitchen - just the basics. But for now we will be living in the exam room that doesn't get used unless teams are here. Good news is that we won't have to be taking the bus back and forth to the clinic anymore and we won't have to worry about getting home in the rain after work.

Last Saturday some of the employees and people from the village organized a surprise going-away party for Tali.

The after school program for kids in the sponsorship program is going well. The kids love coming in to do their homework in the afternoon. The problem is getting them to leave once they have finished. Here is Sebastian and Gustavo:

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