Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's been a good week at the clinic but I am certainly glad that tomorrow is Friday.

Vanessa is doing well with the English students and they are getting more and more comfortable every day with their speaking. They especially like listening to songs in English and following along with the lyrics and filling in the blanks.

Today I got a mini-lesson from Tali about ulcers. Apparently when they get red and super gross looking that is actually good because that means it is healing. Who knew?

We've got a lot more kids waiting for sponsors and some of their stories just break my heart.

The after school program for kids in the sponsorship program is going well. I spent some quality time with a little 10 year old girl today while she finished her homework. If she doesn't do it at the clinic she won't be able to do it at home because she gets distracted so easily and it is so difficult to concentrate with siblings running around along with random dogs and chickens coming in and out of her one-room house. She seemed to like it when I did it with her - she had to copy a page out of her book twice, I had to do it seven times. All in a day's work. Good thing I love this kind of work.

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