Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yesterday we toured the village. The team had a chance to see the water filtration systems in several homes. This was very exciting, as this team raised funds to purchase filters for these systems. After the tour we worked on the foundation for the new long term guest house. The team worked hard and got so much accomplished. Today, until noon, they will be working once again on this foundation. Then we will travel to Zunilito to see the other PID clinic, as well as a visit to the waterfall. We will be having dinner at a restaurant in Zunilito this evening.


  1. Thinking of Greely High School students and parents in Guatamala. Thanks, Karen, for the updates - so appreciated.
    Miss you,
    Lisa M.

  2. Hi to Cindy and Gabriella Morris.Its so good to hear about what you're doing..... We missed you at the reunion!


    Christy H.