Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2, 2011

Today the clinic was closed and the contruction crew didn’t work.  Instead, we got to spend most of the day at the beach!  This morning we all piled into a colorful tap-tap and headed north out of Port au Prince towards the coast.  On our way we stopped to attend a colorful church service.

After church, we made our way to Wahoo Bay Resort where we had a delicous lunch and then spent the day in the sun, sand and waves.  The beachcombing was good and there were some impressive shells to be found.

We also said goodby to Amar today, as he had to leave the fun at the beach early to head to the airport.

The tap-tap ride back to Port au Prince was fast, bumpy and dusty.  Brett, who is prone to motion sickness, had an especially long ride home holding a zip-lock bag.

Back to work tomorrow!

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