Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dec. 27 Team to Haiti

Today Ken, Megan, Sarit & Jason arrived safely to the PID compound and Delta Airlines never asked for the PID credit card - go figure! The rest of the team had another great work day.  The construction crew worked on Woodman and Daphne’s house sifting lots of sand to make morter to skim coat the walls. Robin had a little helper named Junior that she fell in love with.  I think she is going to hide him in her suitcase to take home! She was amazed how hard this little boy worked all day long. Max work hard on his construction tasks, but even harder learning Creole from his Haitian co-workers.  Five years of French is paying off.  Max and his Haitian buddies did have fun teasing Allie in Creole! She was a good sport about it and they were able to get a lot of work done.

Our pre-med students are loving their experience assisting in the clinic.  Thuy has been working with Dr Sem and Amar has been helping Bennett.  Christine and Brett ran tests in the lab…. they said they stuck many fingers! 

We are looking forward to another rewarding day.

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