Thursday, November 4, 2010

Great first day for the team. Leaders group got ready for the childrens program. All the kids have matured in their leadership so much. The clinic was pack. The people for the eye exams were lined up and had been waiting for the return of Ellen for 2 years. The construction went well. But the highlight of the day was the picking of who would get the next emergency house. We thought we knew but today, Francesca, an over 70 year old woman, who is blind came to talk to me. She lives in a wooden house with a dirt floor. No running water or electricity. She was crying because her kitchen fell down . When she uses the outhouse at the neighbors, she often falls down, the same as when she goes to get water at the river. WE asked if she would mind a little house with a bathroom inside and a small kitchen and running water. At first she didn’t understand. When she understood, she dropped her cane fell on the floor on her knees and started to pray and cry and laugh all at the same time. Her house building will start tomorrow. Lynn and I cried too. It was a happy moment for all the staff.

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