Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today we picked up Daphnee and took her to meet the people see will live with. She is there now and we will continue to send support for insulin once all is set up, and now that she will be able to take it.

We went to the village today to visit McLory. He is a seven year old who has CP and lives on a tent with 10 people. He laid on his mat while an old looking woman in a wheelchair holding a baby took care of him. Soon, a woman with a tiny baby who looked like a newborn came over. The baby was a month old. Tomorrow, we’ll go back with nutritional support.

I cried, not because of the baby or McLory, but because of the deplorable place this is. Can people live here? All the kids have fungal rashes. I had a vision of building a new village model in place of the tents.

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