Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today the number of complicated cases continued to rise. We were able to refer 6 of them out, which was a great success. Our new prenatal room is a hit and everyday there is a stream of pregnant women, as well as new mothers and babies. The teams have all been so amazing. As we enter our 5th week of having relief teams in Haiti, we have serviced over 5000 patients. We added an infirmary with a bed yesterday and that now seems to be the favorite room. People come in with a fever, lay down on the bed, and fall asleep. Then they leave smiling, since sleep is one thing that no one is comfortable doing. In our attempt to have our normal programs up and running, yesterday the children in the program came for sponsorship. Some of the small business people also met yesterday, and we issued renewal loans for many people — all who were paid in full, in spite of the earthquake. Although, we still do have along way to go on updating loans. And the last of the news: our first new house is now under construction!

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