Thursday, March 4, 2010

It is raining tonight and I am in my tent. I am thinking about the story Tali relayed to us about what it was like to sleep in the street at her in laws. The road has to be blocked off. No one can go to sleep because they have to wait for traffic to be finished. Then it rained so they stood under tarp for two hours waiting for the rain to stop. They swept the street as dry as they could, put down rugs or whatever they had. The whole street was covered with people side by side and head to toe. Once they laid down, Tali realized that next to their head was the that sewer that ran in the open, full of trash and fecal matter. Most people, including many underage children, drink alcohol to fall asleep. But once you finally fall asleep, you only have a few hours until you need to get up because the traffic starts.

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